Imagine project in Christ Church

June 1, 2020

Art Nomads were approached by the Rev Abigail Sines to take part in an exhibition as part of World Refugee Week in Christchurch Cathedral. But once Covid 19 started to be part of our everyday reality and the restrictions of lockdown started to hit, it took us all of our energy to see a way forward. A key breakthrough was the idea to use light projections in the dark architectural space of the Cathedral and then to film a journey of exploration. It was through this play with light falling around carved pillars, across fabric, fitting into wall niches and against the rough stone walls of the crypt that we found a new way to display the art. The use of audio lets you hear the tone, accent and emotion of the artists voices. They are joined by four powerful spoken word pieces by activists who were invited to say something in their own words about Imagine. 

includes paintings, drawings, video and digital design artworks by Muhammad Achour, Joe Odiboh, Antonio D’Souza, Roxana Manouchehri, Hina Khan, Rajinder Singh, Anna Walayat, Tomasz Madajczak and Insaf Yalçinkaya as well as spoken word pieces by Christiana Obaro, Selema Letsie, Diane Ihirwe and Rosemary Kunene.