Insaf Yalcinkaya

Visual artist / Poet

Insaf Yalçinkaya is a Kurdish artist and poet born in Dersim in the Turkish part of Kurdistan. After a bachelor’s degree in business, she taught in Primary and Secondary schools. She was a political activist and political consultancy advisor in Turkey and studied for a certificate in Ceramic and Glass technology. She recently was artist in residence for the Scoop Foundation in Dublin and exhibited ceramics and text work in “Sinterella” at Glór in Ennis. She was part of a storytelling project, Naghali at Mother Tongues Festival in 2022.  Her poems are published in Correspondences an anthology to call for an end to Direct Provision by Stinging Fly, in the MASI Journal, in Flare 14 & 15 by Dublin’s Sunflower Sessions and She was a participant in Culture Night in Mountshannon Art Festival, Irish Writer Centre- WomenXBorders, Dacemaron, Kilmainham and Inchicore festivals, and Poetry in Ireland. She was a performer at the Phizzfest – Phibsborough Community & Arts Festival. She has been a member of Dublin Writer’s Forum and joined Poetry in The Park Killarney. She has been a participant in Catherine Young’s Dance Group that was part the Big Bang Rhythm Festival in Dublin and Kerry. She was a member of Killarney Drama Circle where she was involved as a player and a musician.

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*phtha; creative power in Egypt Mythology


Today I’m a couch grass 
had taken from nature
put into a flowerpot 
I’m in a dark room 
desperate, lightless 
Sometimes, Ones give my water

Today, I’m a cactus 
I hate the flowerpot 
given water, 
the room
I miss sun;
hot, burning sunshine 

Today, I’m still cactus 
I don’t want to water
I don’t want to be in the flowerpot 
I have to be in the nature 

I was a lily 
a hyacinth 
I was a mountain flower 
a snowdrop;
blowing me off wind
singing songs 
made people jealous with my beauty 
I was a snowdrop blossomed freely
I had beautiful colours
But now, I’m a flowerless houseplant 

Whereas I would like to be a dung-beetle 
I would roll humans’ brains 
with their stupid systems
backwards and forwards 
backwards and forwards
For rectifying *Phtha’s mistake

Insaf Yalcinkaya