Art Nomads Karvansarai at SIRIUS ARTS CENTRE

Nov. 20, 2023

The collective Art Nomads brings together artists from migrant backgrounds living and practising in Ireland: Muhammad Achour, Antonio D'Souza, Hina Khan, Tomasz Madajczak, Roxana Manouchehri, Joe Odiboh, Rajinder Singh, Amna Walayat and Insaf Yalçinkaya. The film Karvansarai reflects on the position of artists as observers in a new country.

Karvansarai originates from Persian, Arabic, TurkishUrdu and cultures across the ancient trading routes of the world. A 'kärvän' refers to a group engaged in long-distance travel and a 'saray' is a place of rest for the wayfarer.

Cobh, County Cork

Saturday, 25 November  >>  3 - 4 pm

Following the screening, members of Art Nomads discuss their art, shared interests and worldviews, and experiences of diaspora with SIRIUS director Miguel Amado. This event follows the launch of Art Nomad member Amna Walayat's exhibition Fallen.