Rock, Paper, Fire @ Documenta 15

July 1, 2022


In July 2022, some members of Art Nomads travelled to Kassel, Germany to present a collaborative performance 'Rock/Paper/Fire' at documenta 15.
This was hosted by the Nhà Sàn Collective from Vietnam at the Queer House WH22 venue. This event showed screened extracts of the rock of The Burren from Art Nomads' new film 'Karvanserai' and was hosted with Irish drinks and a newly created recipe of food. The session included the making of a new map of Ireland which was collaged together with audience participation, culminating in it being set on fire.

An article about Art Nomads documenta trip for Visual Artists News, September 2022, written by Laragh Pittman:
> Many Rivers to Cross [PDF]